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Above, by Jeff Brechlin, is the winning entry from a Washington Post Style Invitational contest that asked readers to submit “instructions” for something in the style of a famous person.

The Shakespearean version contains some antiquated words that wouldn’t appear on the GRE (“anon” means soon, quickly), but also some very excellent GRE words, such as:

Lithe – bending readily; pliant; limber; supple; flexible: the lithe body of a ballerina.

Wanton – Done, shown, used, etc., maliciously or unjustifiably (a wanton attack; wanton cruelty); without regard for what is right, just, humane, etc.; careless; reckless; sexually lawless or unrestrained (wanton lust); extravagantly or excessively luxurious (Kanye West’s Tweets about how fur pillows are actually hard to sleep on might indicate a wanton lifestyle). Basically, wanton can mean lacking restraint in a number of ways.

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When writing the Manhattan Prep’s 500 Essential Words and 500 Advanced Words GRE flashcard sets, we wanted to make sure that everyone could get something out of every card — even if you already know the word on the front. So, you may know paradox, but do you know enigma, conundrum and doctrinaire?

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I watched as this young man, having regained his sangfroid, scrawled “Ludvig Steinberg” in indelible ink on the woman’s prodigious left biceps.*

“Now everybody out,” I said. It was just another day in the office of Jennifer Dziura, Private Eye.

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Many schools, including Stanford, Harvard, and Wharton, accept either the GMAT or the GRE. Which one should you take, and how can you decide?

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Here are two hilarious — but mathematically GRE-like — problems written by Manhattan GRE instructor Tommy Wallach.

As on the real GRE, both questions use the same set of two charts. The first question is multiple choice; the second requires you to enter your own answer. You may use a calculator.

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Also, check out this new Tumblr: Hipster GRE Word of the Day. Because hipsters need to study too.

The Credible Hulk! This, of course, is a play on the Incredible Hulk. But what does incredible really mean?

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There’s no need to spend lots of money on studying the GRE. Here’s how to to effectively prepare for the test on a budget!

1. If you only buy one book to study for the GRE, it needs to be the Official Guide. The book is written by the same people who write the GRE, so, you know, it’s a must-buy. However, most people find they need a lot more prep to even do the problems in the Official Guide. That leads us to tip number two…

2. Which is the Manhattan GRE Set of 8 Strategy Guides! At $100.00 for 8 books, it’s the most comprehensive thing on the market (and significantly cheaper than taking a prep class).

Now that you’ve made your purchases, here are the best FREE options to prepare for the GRE:

1. This Practice Book has several general review problems.

2. Online practice tests are extremely helpful. PowerPrep II is available for download from ETS. Manhattan Prep has their own GRE practice test available here.

Kaplan offers free practice tests on their website. Before taking the test, there’s also an online class with other people who were new to studying GRE. You can see all of them here!

You will also need some kind of vocabulary list and set or book of flashcards. A good option is this Free Vocabulary List.

If you’d like to purchase a set of flashcards, the Manhattan Prep Essential Words and the Manhattan Prep Advanced Words are the best.

For books, Essential Words for the GRE is the best option.

Comprehensive AND affordable GRE studying! What are your favorite cost-efficient tools for the GRE? Leave them in the comments!