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Many schools, including Stanford, Harvard, and Wharton, accept either the GMAT or the GRE. Which one should you take, and how can you decide?

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The exhibit is not so much a retrospective as a __________ ; the artist’s weaker early work is glossed over and any evidence of his ultimate dissolution is absent entirely.

Select two correct answers.







(Note: When you see six answer choices and square checkboxes, that’s a clue that this is a GRE Sentence Equivalence problem, to which there will always be two correct answers.)

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This cartoon does make a very convincing point…

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Academic Coach Taylor has some harsh words for you, apparently.

I feel like Eric Taylor would be a very useful motivator when it comes to studying for the GRE.

Did you know that countenance is both a noun and a verb?

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Do you make sleep a priority? Over at GOOD, Nick Hughes writes about how he made sleep a priority, even when his company was experiencing their busiest time. He now sometimes goes to bed at 9am and lets his body wake him up when he’s gotten enough rest, even when it’s as early as 4am.

Business Insider has a list of 23 really successful people who all get up really early. Getting enough sleep is definitely a crucial part of preparing for the GRE. All night cram sessions aren’t going to benefit GRE students the same way a good night’s sleep can. And you know what they say – the early bird gets the high scores.

U.S. News has 6 tips for succeeding at the GRE, like revisiting old high school material and utilizing practice tests.
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Here are two hilarious — but mathematically GRE-like — problems written by Manhattan GRE instructor Tommy Wallach.

As on the real GRE, both questions use the same set of two charts. The first question is multiple choice; the second requires you to enter your own answer. You may use a calculator.

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Also, check out this new Tumblr: Hipster GRE Word of the Day. Because hipsters need to study too.

Concerned with facts; practical, as opposed to highly principled or traditional. (n: pragmatism)

“His pragmatic approach often offended idealists.”

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The Credible Hulk! This, of course, is a play on the Incredible Hulk. But what does incredible really mean?

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